FRP Fanless Filless Cooling Tower

Working Principle:

Eureka Fanless, Fill less, induced draft Cooling Tower. The kinetic energy of Water entering the cooling tower is converted into kinetic energy of the air by the use of specially designed ejector nozzles. In short this is based on ejector principle.
1. Water Pressure required in our Jet Ejector Nozzles is min. 0.5 Bar. We give you guarantee that at this pressure of return water, our Cooling Tower will work extremely well.

Benefits :

Fanless & Filless
Induced Draft, Fanless Design
Advanced Spray Technology
No Motor or Fan – Saving in Electrical Power consumption
There are no Moving Parts, so practically Maintenance Free.
No replacement and stocking costs as no packings are required.
A constant high Efficiency is assured throughout the life of the Tower.
No choking problems with nozzles due to specialized design.
FRP construction makes the Tower Corrosion Free.
Light weight & increased strength owing to FRP construction.
Short Pay Back period. Replacement is economically viable.
Regular back up services available.
No Fills, Suitable for High Water Temp.
We Require a Minimum Pressure of 0.5 Bar at Nozzle End.
Louvers of our Cooling Towers are shaped, sized and angled in such a way so as to minimize the drift losses.


Eureka Fanless Cooling Tower