About Us

Eureka Engineers, established in the year 1999, are one of the Manufacturer & supplier of INDUCED DRAFT FANLESS & INDUCED DRAFT FAN TYPE COOLING TOWERS and TREATED TIMBER COOLING TOWER & AIR VENTILATION SYSTEM. We are dealing in design and supply of Fanless & Fan type (Both Rectangular & Round Bottle Shape) Cooling Towers and Air Ventilation System of various capacities. We are also supplying Spares for Cooling Towers like Energy - Efficient FRP Fan Blade Assly, Energy - Efficient ABS Fan Blade Assly, Aluminum Fan Blade Assly., Die Cast Aluminum Alloy LM 6 Sprinklers, PVC honey- comb Fills for Cooling Towers of any make or duty conditions and undertake repairs and maintenance jobs of Cooling Towers.

We also supply spares for Air Ventilation system like PVC Fills, Cellulose Cooling Packs, Mist Eliminators, Louvers, Blowers, and Air Filters etc and undertake repair and maintenance jobs of Air Ventilation System. We can supply genuine spare parts including spare for Gearbox like Gear Set, Bearing, Oil Seal, Nozzles etc. for any make Cooling Tower. We offer FRP Cooling Towers of Capacity ranging from 5TR to 600 TR in Single cell and in multi-Cells. We also supply Treated timber Cooling Tower as well as Repairs / Revamps existing Cooling Towers considering the total system approach.


Many a times, the suggestions offered by us as a result of our experience and expertise, have appeared unrealistic and unbelievable to our clients at the stage of proposals. But on completion, all our installations have unreserved acclaim and admiration of our clients, without any exception.


Eureka Cooling Towers are designed to best suit the Indian climatic as well as working conditions. Our Cooling Towers are designed indigenously by expert in the field who best understand the Indian Climatic and working conditions. Improvement is a continuous process and we have been doing regular research and development work to improve our design, as a result of this, we are able to give you best with latest Technology. At the outset, We would like to inform you that we are a team of Qualified Engineers with additional know-how obtained through management / Finance background and possessing over more than 10 years of specialized experience in Cooling Tower Industry.